I had a wonderful and much needed vacation. Many of you helped out a lot by sending tributes. I am very grateful for that. I am also grateful that you are sending Me emails concerning piracy. The only thing that I can do about piracy is report it and see if they will take it down. The scariest thing that is happening is that someone is selling My files. That makes it difficult to pay the bills. So, I am working on a Patreon site. Pay whatever you want for pics, videos and other media. There will also be options to pay higher prices for content that takes a long time to produce. 

It makes Me very upset to know that there are people out there selling My content. I've spent a long time building an Empire and to see them try to stop Me is laughable and concerning at the same time. Let's keep the Empire going and not let these bastards win! 


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Feb 25th, 2017

All of My content was pirated and uploaded to torrent sites. I lost an enormous amount of income because of this. If you watched My files without purchasing them, I strongly advise you to pay for them. you may tribute here

Due to the theft of My content and the amount of downloads, you will all have to pay tribute to access new content from Me. You may do so here. If I hear more about My content being stolen.. the price of the will go up. So, I encourage you to report ALL stolen links to this website -

If you find another anti piracy site you would like to use.. feel free to email Me and We/we can discuss it. 

I hope that everyone can work together so that I can continue to produce content and do not have to worry about thousands of people downloading them for free. 

Do the RIGHT THING. Pay for the content you stole and report the content to an anti piracy site. 

I am grateful that I have My devoted slaves looking out for Me. 

Losers a…

Give Me everything I want and desire

you only wish to serve Me

Be My financial servant.


Obey and Listen to My beautiful Voice...

Listen over and over and over again.