Friday, August 19, 2005

your submissive wanderings...

you walk around noticing that your life is like a dim light barely lit.

you look up and notice there is a switch that can light up your atmosphere.

Of course you would have to wonder why it is there and what to do with it.

In this precise moment you realize you hear a voice all around you, guiding you, and almost putting you in your place. you have never heard such a voice before...perhaps you have wanted it, fantasized about it, but wanting and fantasizing was never exactly what made you feel so powerless and filled with such subservience like this moment in time.

The feeling you have is so overwhelming and wonderful. you keep getting the feeling over and over like the excitement of getting away with something without being caught. All of the sudden you lose control of yourself. your mind begins to wander into a slight light of a certain color of red, violet, and blue.

These colors start to mix with one another making you feel even more weak then when this voice first started to speak. you do not have that feeling of when you thought you were getting away with something, now it is more like you have been caught and are being placed in the middle of a place you have been put into unwillingly,
but you like it and you want to keep going and never come back to the reality of that dull and dim light that was there before.

-to be continued-

-Mistress of Hypnosis

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