Monday, November 03, 2008

Recent comments from My subs


-Goddess You consume my waking thoughts as well as my dreams.

-Mistress I have been out of the country but Your voice is still with me. There is no voice or beauty that captivates me like Yours. Truly though I have heard & seen others Your voice still haunts me and I desire to listen to it and keep coming back to it. No other has ever effected me this way.Thank You for sharing your beauty and especially your depth. I love your videos, and particularly your mp3s. They are so incredible and intricate and well thought out. I look forward to more mp3s as I have seen You have created so many new videos too. I hope that You will erase in me one by one those beliefs that are not Your own, and remake me according to Your wants. I realize anyone might say such things and not mean them but this is truly how I feel, though my commitment has not yet shown it. Please let me know more of Your will, as just hearing you command me reinforces everything you have done or said. I hope Your Halloween was truly great.

-Greetings & happy Halloween, this seems to be once again a supreme piece of Your fine art (refering to My video "Staring Contest"),I just couldn't resist to purchase. Appreciate Your work so much, thanx a lot !!!

It's great to see so many of you leaving Me wonderful comments. I do deserve it!

-Mistress of Hypnosis

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