Monday, October 26, 2015

What language is this? Stupid?

This guy is all fired up! LOL. 

just got a mail, a naiv slave praziz U, and i se you NOW, and can remember a YOUNG STRONG FEMDOM HYPNOTIST......FIRE and PAZZION, WOW
ZO ZKILLED ZO good, much better than most  

NOW itz like a shadow, come on, whats wrong. U can tell me, 'church of the best followerz of christ' on UR neck....? POLIZIA, married....(:) twinzzzz
what happened 2 U
GET BACK on the horseback ride the ZHIT out of all, shake it OFFfffff

While I would usually get very pissed off about being talked to this way, I am just going to politely tell you to go fuck yourself. 

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